1. Modern Cottage — Exterior

    Modern Cottage

  2. Neo Tudor — Building Entrance with Tree

    Neo Tudor

  3. New Redwood Canopy — Building Rear and Patio

    New Redwood Canopy

  4. Canyon Cabin — House and Pool, exterior

    Canyon Cabin

  5. Redwood Cottage — Exterior and Deck

    Redwood Cottage

  6. Views Across the Valley — Exterior Front

    Views Across the Valley

  7. Rockrise Renovation — Patio to Living Area, exterior to interior

    Rockrise Renovation

  8. Mediterranean Courtyard House — Building Rear

    Mediterranean Courtyard House

  9. Forever Family Cottage — Kitchen, Interior

    Forever Family Cottage

  10. Sweetwater Music Hall Restaurant with Retractable Roof

    Sweetwater Music Hall

  11. Shack in the Back — ADU and Entrance Stairs, exterior

    Shack in the Back

  12. Modern Courtyard House — Rear, exterior

    Modern Courtyard House

  13. Ridgeline House — Dusk

    Ridgeline House

  14. Residence with a View — Building Rear

    Residence with a View

  15. Creekside ADU — Exterior

    Creekside ADU

  16. Hillside Residence — Building on Posts

    Hillside Residence

  17. Artist Studio — Building Side Exterior

    Artist Studio

  18. Creekside Retreat — Building Front at Dusk

    Creekside Retreat

  19. Sycamore House — Front Exterior

    Sycamore House