Sometimes an unfortunate event can be the catalyst for a great reinvention. In the case of this Sausalito mid-century gem, a serious car fire in the driveway became the starting point for a renovation that breathed new life into a classic house.

Living Area and View, interior

Originally designed by renowned architect George Rockrise in 1951, the 2,200-square-foot home offers expansive views of the San Francisco Bay. The timeless pedigree and distinct location gave Richardson Pribuss Architects a strong starting point from which to envision a trained but compelling overhaul of the property.

Living Area, interior

While the original 1,600 square-foot structure has a graceful but quaint massing, the client desired additional living space and a more open interior flow. With the addition of a new guest bedroom and the conversion of the existing garage space to a primary bedroom, the cozy house was able to stretch its legs a bit.

Kitchen, interior
Dining Area, interior
Dining Area, interior

Richardson Pribuss Architects took special care to create new views that highlighted the “close-in” landscape as a juxtaposition to the overwhelming and grand vista of the Bay. The kitchen was reconfigured for modern living and better synergy with the rest of the home. A new connection was created between the kitchen and a back patio cooking area to take advantage of the lush landscape. This secret garden is hemmed in with a sinuous but solidly poured concrete wall. The concrete work further appears throughout the property, creating an overhauled parking area and concrete retaining elements in the landscape.

Entrance and Retaining Wall, exterior
Rear of House and Garden, exterior

The interiors received a sophisticated upgrade starting with new windows and doors throughout. As the previous owner of a photography gallery, the homeowners’ elegant black and white photography collection became the launching point for an interior palette marked by monochromatic sensibilities.

Bathroom and Tub, interior
Garden and Wall, exterior
Living Area to Second Floor Dining Area, interior

When a renovation project with such a stunning lineage appeared, Richardson Pribuss knew it was their duty to prepare this classic home for its next stage of life.

Photos by Thibault Cartier

Front of House, Driveway and Car, exterior


  • Richardson Pribuss Architects reimagines a 1951 Sausalito Hills home with stunning results. Our Rockrise Renovation featured in San Francisco Magazine.