RPA has been intimately involved in the architectural growth of the property, gradually adding and updating structures across the estate. This year’s long collaboration originated with an update to the property’s pool house.

Poolhouse Kitchen

Using the existing pool as an anchor, RPA was tasked with designing a structure that matched the footprint of the previous building. The new building was lifted out of flood danger and configured for multiple roles, as guesthouse, occasional home office, and summer poolside entertainment pavilion.

Changing Area and Cubbies
Poolhouse Kitchen

The interior with wood beams and white finishes is designed to be durable and light filled. The exterior materials maintain cohesion with adjacent structures. The art-collecting owners are fond of photos depicting water; the photo seascape backsplash in the outdoor kitchen adds some whimsy to this little building not far from the coast.

Poolhouse and Pool
Building Front

Bordering an old NW Pacific Railroad route, a lovely historic barn on the property dates from the early 1900’s. Once a horse stable, now converted to a garage and guest house, the building was damaged and showing its age, requiring renovation and a design update.

Living Area to Kitchen

The renovation included a required seismic upgrade, and much needed flood proofing. The upstairs of the barn was completely reworked, creating an airy exposed truss space with two bedrooms and a sleeping loft for guests.

Loft off Kitchen

The interior finishes and detailing pay homage to the buildings equestrian roots while raw and simple lighting elements speak to its utilitarian use. The end design maintains the historic exterior while updating the interior for today’s modern living standards.

Hallway to Bathroom

Finally a utility greenhouse structure was added for potting and propagating, and set in a meadow along with the owners’ garden sculptures. A key design request was to maintain the character of the original wood structure. The design solution incorporates a modern, Kalwell translucent ceiling—an upgrade from the original corrugated plastic panel roof. Maintaining adequate heat and ventilation was critical and solved through the use of mechanical fans, operable windows, and skylights.

Photos by Jeff Zaruba