We create well crafted and meaningful architecture. Our work is in the city, in town and in the country. We define ourselves by delivering projects which are beautifully conceived and deftly built, creating structures that age with grace.

Andrew Pribuss and Heidi Richardson

Richardson Pribuss Architects creates coherent, sophisticated site-sensitive design. Our focus is neither on the scale nor scope of the program, but on the opportunity to enrich our clients’ daily lives with considered solutions that marry what is desired with what is required. Similarly, we strive to enhance the site and neighboring context both through intelligent design as well as with sustainable solutions. We are known for architecture that is built on honest and patient dialogue with our clients and for trusted partnerships with our team of consultants, artisans and builders. We believe in creating valued relationships that continue to be cultivated over time.

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About RPA

Richardson Pribuss Architects is an architectural and interior design firm focussing on residential and commercial projects throughout Marin County and the greater Bay Area. Established in 1984 by Heidi Richardson and renamed in 2019 to reflect the partnership of long-term Design Director Andrew Pribuss, the Mill Valley-based firm is known for navigating complicated zoning and permitting constraints to create timeless designs; be they ground up houses, construction on challenging hillside sites, or renovations of any scope.

The company we keep.

Consultants & Contractors

Successful projects are designed to meet our clients’ programmable requirements and less tangible aspirations, as well as meet their budget and schedules. Our ability to successfully and efficiently navigate the approval process in various jurisdictions is one of the hallmarks of our practice. We have averaged over 25 client ‘Design Review’ successes annually, through the various Marin town and city municipalities. Direct and open communication with the municipalities and other stakeholders is key.

We have assembled a team of consultants with whom we meet bi-weekly to review project scheduling, client expectations, as well as taking a Team approach to problem solving. This well-oiled machine keeps project schedules on track. Our clients benefit from this seamless coordination. In addition, we have a group of builders at hand who can assist with an early budgeting exercise.

We have been in business (in one form or another) since 1984. One reason we thrive is the company we keep and their passion for building honestly and respectively.

Artist Studio at Dusk.

Cottages, Cabins, Tiny Houses, ADUs

In an attempt to increase affordable housing units, the State of California has relaxed local standards on accessory dwelling units (ADU’s). This legislation came into effect January 1, 2020. The new legislation is still evolving and we are following the changes.

Over the past 12 years, we have designed over 25 of these units, some embedded in new residences, but most are freestanding. The need for small houses has been apparent for some time, whether it is intended for a caregiver, aging parent, boomerang children or as a steady income stream.

The design of efficient small houses demands deft handling of details, spatial organization and interconnection, and must also resonate with the individual setting. We have experience and expertise in this area and recently were asked by the San Joaquin County to produce a pattern book of designs with are building permit ready. We are currently exploring the use of modular or prefabricated pieces in order to lower construction costs.

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Firesafe Design

With the devastating wildfires of the past two years, we believe architects should take the lead in means and methods for firesafe design.

These strategies include not only awareness of the latest material technologies, but also siting for new houses, as well as the “spaces in between.” Designing building forms which are formally less complex will be the new normal. Managing vegetation and strategies for defensible space in wildland areas, as well as suburban properties, is crucial.

Negotiating these requirements with other municipal mandates such as Historic Preservation, Design Review Guidelines and Green Building Techniques, can be a challenging path for the uninitiated. We have been successful in this balancing act in the past few years and continue to sharpen our skills in this area.

We currently have an all-concrete guesthouse under construction in Petaluma, as well as three new firesafe houses underway in Mill Valley.

The scale of our office allows for an honest team approach, sharing the talents and knowledge from our versatile group with every client.

  • Heidi Richardson

    Heidi Richardson

    Principal, Architect

    Heidi Richardson is the founding partner of Richardson Pribuss Architects. Originally from Boston Massachusetts with a family tradition of architecture, Heidi studied classical architecture on the east coast before moving to California. The relocation proved instrumental in the broadening of Heidi’s architectural range. Heidi joined William Turnbull Associates and honed her skills for a number of years before establishing her own independent architecture practice in 1984. She settled in Marin with her family in 1989. Since establishing Richardson Architects, she has led the design on an extensive list of projects, with a particular focus on the refined charm of California style residences. Heidi is involved in every phase of design: from architectural design to municipal approvals, site strategy to project management, lending consistency and efficiency to the building process. She has taught design at UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, and at the SF Planning and Urban Research Institute, as well as for the architecture department at the University of Sydney. Heidi’s diverse background as an architect includes over 35 years of professional practice, with work that has been recognized in numerous publications including Architectural Record, Architecture, RD Interiors, The New York Times, and Sunset Magazine. Heidi has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including the AIA Honor Award, NAHB, and RD.

    When not in the office you can find Heidi hiking and biking on Mt. Tam and other far-flung locations.

  • Andrew Pribuss

    Andrew Pribuss

    Principal, Architect

    Andrew joined the architecture practice in 2011, becoming a full partner at the firm in 2019. Prior to joining the firm, Andrew spent time at Rojkind Arquitectos in Mexico City focusing on a winning competition for Vitra that conceived solutions for aging in place residences. Subsequently, Pribuss worked with the Getty Museum in Los Angeles focusing on special exhibitions, as well as working on the renovation of the North Pavilion at the Getty Center. He has also worked for Christopher Deam, overseeing projects for Herman Miller, Hyundai, and Loll Furniture.

    Andrew returned home to Northern California to further his architectural pursuits, operating his own design and construction practice before joining RPA. As a Marin County native, Andrew pairs an intrinsic connection to local projects with a design sense for what they require. Andrew works closely with clients to create charismatic architecture that involves elegant design solutions and real-world approaches. He is also interested in the expanding variety of sustainable building methods in the field and incorporates them into practice. Andrew’s work has been recognized in various publications and with numerous awards. Away from work, Andrew enjoys wandering the desert in search of the perfect geode, collecting Cycad plants, and coaching little league.

  • Joe McGuire

    Joe McGuire

    Senior Designer

    Having grown up in Marin County under the tutelage of a father who is a general contractor and a mother who is an artist, Joe was inspired by the process of building homes as well as the inspiration of design. After studying Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado, he moved to Lake Tahoe where he helped design residential properties around the lake and in Martis Valley, Truckee. Since then, Joe has been designing a substantial portfolio of homes for the last 20 years from San Mateo to Healdsburg.

  • Jamie Amdurer

    Jamie Amdurer

    Senior Architect

    James has a passion for detail, a deep knowledge of building standards, and a keen understanding of how these parts make up the whole.

  • Richard Chapman

    Richard Chapman

    Senior Interior Designer

    Richard is a versatile creative designer with a proven history of producing engaging innovative solutions and aspirational environments. Richard works to the highest level of proficiency creating architectural documentation from initial concept to full construction packages with Vectorworks. Richard has worked at several design firms in New York and eventually launched his own interior architecture services company creating designs for residential, retail, key brand concepts, and installations. Richard joins the Richardson Pribuss interior design team, expanding the firm’s interior design services.

  • Morgan Amour

    Morgan Amour


    Morgan’s journey reflects a diverse set of experiences within the realm of design and construction, shaped by his upbringing in the Bay Area and his academic pursuits. His background in construction, furniture, and cabinetry provided him with hands-on skills and a deep understanding of the practical aspects of building. He received a Masters of Architecture from the California College of the Arts further refining his design abilities and ability to explore the more theoretical aspects of architecture. Now, as a member of Richardson Pribuss, Morgan brings a blend of practical construction knowledge, design sensibility, and project management experience to the team.

  • Jack Dakin

    Jack Dakin

    Senior Designer

    Jack addresses projects holistically, working from start to finish on concepts, tackling everything from scouting locations, naming and branding, solving water pressure problems, and interior design. Jack has led a string of successful launches, ranging in scope and scale from large hospitality projects to intimate restaurants.

  • Grace Johnson

    Grace Johnson

    Junior Designer

    Grace joined Richardson Pribuss Architects after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she got her degree in Architecture and minors in Italian Studies and Art History. She has always expressed herself through art and mixed media, and she continues to do so through architecture. She feels that creativity is fueled by experience, and therefore welcomes new challenges with a humble and curious mindset.

  • Alaina Olmstead

    Alaina Olmstead

    Junior Designer

    Alaina joined Richardson Pribuss Architects following her graduation from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she earned her BA in Architecture. Her academic journey included a year in Cal Poly’s Architecture Study Abroad Program, with time spent in Rome and Berlin. These experiences offered her firsthand exposure to the enriching beauty of ancient architecture and its role within the evolving urban landscape. Alaina is passionate about creating architectural designs that harmonize with their surroundings. She aims to leverage her skills and experiences to explore how historical influences shape contemporary and future residential and urban architecture.

  • Kristin Silmore

    Kristin Silmore

    Office Manager

    Kristin joined Richardson Pribuss in 2018 to manage all business operations. She brings 20+ years of marketing and general business experience to the practice. After completing her BA at the University of Michigan and an MBA at UCLA, she began her marketing career doing brand management work at The Clorox Company, managing several multi-hundred million dollar brands including KC Masterpiece, Hidden Valley Ranch, and Fresh Step Cat Litter. From there she worked for a series of tech startups and local small businesses managing everything from advertising, website strategy, digital marketing, social media, supply management and forecasting, to accounting and bookkeeping. Kristin loves finding solutions, introducing new ideas, and creating efficiencies for her work and her family. She lives locally in Mill Valley with her husband, two children, and a spoiled rotten Shih Tzu doggie.

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